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Hi! I’m Rei Saionji, the Admiral of Navis Argenti, Silver Ship, one of the writer of “2 Hours Drive From Tokyo”, the official site of Navis Argenti. http://road-station.com

I would like to introduce Japanese culture, tradition, and customs which interest me and which I think will interest you to understand more about Japan.

– Basically, the articles on this Saionji Net. are based on my OWN opinions and analysis.

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Rei Saionji

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Can you imagine
A Solemn Ceremony at Convenience Stores

I am always told by the manager to

a robot which (who) works as a receptionist
Photo by Josh McKible
Which do you prefer, a robot or a man?

In the last article, I wrote about

Before You Get Married To A Japanese Man

If you are a regular reader of my b

When it needs power, the smoke becomes very black with fly ash
Photo by Navis Argenti
the 2015, the ‘Loco’-motivated year

I had a chance to see a marvelous s

Illuminated Meguro River for Christmas in Nakameguro area
Photo from
The Year of 2014 is ending..

Today, it is the last day of 2014.


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