Do you really know about Tokyo Gate Bridge?

My partner who is usually seated on the front passenger seat of my car was aware that a new bridge w


Can You Really Eat Rice Properly?

Do you like zombie films?? As we owned a Gothic style caffe in Harajuku, I have been misunderstoo


Do You Really Know What A Japanese Rice Cooker Can Do?

Having read a very interesting article about a rice cooker in my friend's blog, JAPAN CAN(ADA) MIX,


The Sound Of Cows In The Marsh Echoes The Impermanence

Today I would like to share the history of a species called "bullfrog". They are very large frogs, 1


Why Do Japanese Cleaning Crews Bow At Trains?

I was inspired to write on the Japanese custom which could seem odd by the article in Rocket News 24


Encyclopedia of Japanese Summer

In our website 2 Hours Drive From Tokyo, we collected 21 things and activities that have been close


A German with A Heavy Sweater On Is Called American?

A few days ago, I was watching a TV travel show. What I saw was several Belgian people in a group wh


30 Important Katakana Words

Here is a mini dictionary of Katakana Words for those who are studying Japanese and also for those w


Would Intelligence and Emotion Go Together?

Sometimes emotions cannot live in peace with intelligence. Imagine that you come upon a very beau



2014/07/01 | 日本語

時の経つのは本当に早いもので。 この前、お節料理を食べたと思ったら・・・あっという間にもはや7月。 いつもながら、かなり大げさではありますが、ほんのちょっと前までは、東京に豪雪が降ったぞ!


KitKat Pizza?????

When I was living in Italy, the pizza was not my first choice for dinner. Maybe because I was in Mil


What Did The Most Famous Russian Girl In Japan Do?

Today, I would like to introduce you the most famous Russian girl in Japan. Her name is not Lena or


The Rose Does Not Exist Only For Expressing Your Love But …

In order to write the article regarding the rose for "2 Hours Drive From Tokyo", I looked through so


The Light Of Fireflies

Have you ever been an "annoying" customer who does not stop shopping even after the closing time of


Google Adsense

Can you imagine
A Solemn Ceremony at Convenience Stores

I am always told by the manager to

a robot which (who) works as a receptionist
Photo by Josh McKible
Which do you prefer, a robot or a man?

In the last article, I wrote about

Before You Get Married To A Japanese Man

If you are a regular reader of my b

When it needs power, the smoke becomes very black with fly ash
Photo by Navis Argenti
the 2015, the ‘Loco’-motivated year

I had a chance to see a marvelous s

Illuminated Meguro River for Christmas in Nakameguro area
Photo from
The Year of 2014 is ending..

Today, it is the last day of 2014.


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