Tokyo, the City of the Metamorphosis, Die Verwandlung

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, where people and many important organizations gather. The population


For Whom Exist The Olympics?  オリンピックは誰のもの?の巻

個人的にオリンピックは好きでもあり嫌いでもあり・・・ 嫌いと言ってしまう理由は、どうも感情移入し過ぎて号泣してしまうからであり、オリンピック絡みのTV番組でのコメンテーター様方の無責任極まりない


What was Edo like before Edo Period?

Edo became the capital of Japan when ] succeeded to rule whole Japan as [[Shogun]] by having won in


Is Edo Really Ex Tokyo?

When I use the word "Edo", I always explain as “primary Tokyo” or “Tokyo used to be called Edo”. But


There’s No Way but Surrender to the Nature yet…

Yesterday, I saw a very interesting program on History Channel, titled as "How the Earth Made Man".


Japanese Gothic Art?

Now in Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, there holds the exhibition, "Admired from Afar: Masterworks of J



夜がめっきり弱いワタクシ(笑)は、朝のNHKのオリンピックまとめ番組で男子フィギュアスケートのフリーの演技を観た。   Photo from: Yahoo! ソチオリンピック特


Fabulous Traditional Handmade Candies!!

Today, again, I would like to share an information about a shop in Tokyo. Very near to Imado jinj


Surviving in the World of Destruction and Creation – the Story of Asakusa

In the last article I wrote about Japanese traditional clay dolls and clay figures. Today, I would l



英語が得意じゃない日本人の読者から『日本語でも書いてくれ!』という要望書を頂いたので、日本語でも同じようなことを書いてみますのだ。 ワタクシがツタナイ英語で書いてる記事は、日本の文化に興味を持っ


A Fortune Kitty, A Cat That You Should Express More Respect For!

More than a week have passed since I posted the last article about foxes. I needed time to study mor


The origin of Yurukyara? Part I

I assume everybody who is reading Saionji Net. is already familiar with this word. If not, please re



ダイバーシティという言葉を聞くと『お台場シティー』しか思い浮かばない西園寺です。   http://minnanodate.com/articles/545/print[/ca


My name is Rei Saionji は間違っているのか?の巻

今朝のフジTVの朝の情報番組『とくダネ!』 http://www.fujitv.co.jp/tokudane/index.html で、My name is ○○. と言ったらバカにされるぞ!笑


Google Adsense

Can you imagine
A Solemn Ceremony at Convenience Stores

I am always told by the manager to

a robot which (who) works as a receptionist
Photo by Josh McKible
Which do you prefer, a robot or a man?

In the last article, I wrote about

Before You Get Married To A Japanese Man

If you are a regular reader of my b

When it needs power, the smoke becomes very black with fly ash
Photo by Navis Argenti
the 2015, the ‘Loco’-motivated year

I had a chance to see a marvelous s

Illuminated Meguro River for Christmas in Nakameguro area
Photo from
The Year of 2014 is ending..

Today, it is the last day of 2014.


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