There’s No Way but Surrender to the Nature yet…

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Yesterday, I saw a very interesting program on History Channel, titled as “How the Earth Made Man”.

In the 4.5 billion years of the history of the earth, our ancestor, prosimians, came on stage approx. 85 million years ago. In the program, they said some clues of ‘how has the earth transformed’ were being discovered inside of us, human beings. Our unconscious behaviors, such as hiccups, déjà-vu, hypnic jerk are some examples which can be traced back to enormous transformations on Earth, millions and even billions of years in the past.




The earth was not a place where animals, including human beings, could live peacefully. There were more extraordinary natural phenomena compared to modern age. There were more volcanic eruptions, meteorite falls and vaster variation in temperature… Human beings were not the highest on the food chain and we slept not on the ground but in the trees where other carnivorous animals could not reach. Falling from the tree while we were asleep could mean death. That’s why when we start falling asleep we sometimes feel as though falling, like sensation, and and then awake!  Interesting, isn’t is?

But anyways, we survived in these harsh conditions and now we are here.





In Japan these days, especially Kantō region including Tokyo, there was a very heavy snow fall.  The amount of snow was historical level.  In 120-year-long history of meteorological observation, the amount of snowfall a day on the very day was the biggest. Yamanashi prefecture was the worst with 143 cm depth of snowfall near Lake Kawaguchi.  Many villages, cars on the roads were literally ‘blocked’ with snow. There were many blackouts and many roofs of houses collapsed under the weight of the snow…




Some people say our society is weak for snow and no measures have been taken against snow.  But I wonder how we could prepare for something that has never happened in 140 years…


snow in yamanashi


We, human beings, with the evolution of our brains, became wise.  We have come to the throne in the food chain and aim to put the nature under control.  But is it possible?

Assuming that the history of science started in the Mesopotamian civilization, only 5000 years since then. On the other hand, the earth, the nature, has been for 4.5 billion years. I think we should not get too conceited. Nature sometimes causes a threat to all the lives on the earth but also provides us many benefits, which we always have to be under the influence of.


Maybe after some billion years from now we will be able to control the nature. Or human beings will have been extinct.  For me, either is fine…
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