To Be Bald Is To Be Blessed In Japan!

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As written in 2 Hours Drive From Tokyo, it is said in Japan, to dream of Mt. Fuji, a hawk, or an eggplant in the night of 1st or 2nd January brings you luck.


The three were, and still thought to be lucky because, Mt. Fuji is the most highest mountain in Japan, the hawk has a sharp eye which lead to seeing through the future and the eggplant, in Japanese is called ‘nasu’, has the same pronunciation as the verb, ‘to achieve’.

quoted from 2 Hours Drive From Tokyo, Touji/Makkou

I, personally have never had these kinds of lucky dreams and I’ve never heard someone had.  But, last night, the time has come!  I did it for the first time of my life!!

In my dream I was in an Australian TV show and I was explaining about these three lucky dreams. So, I had all these three lucky things at one time!

Now I’m so sure that 2014 will be my year and I would like to share this luck of mine to you all! Follow me!


These three things are so famous in Japan but it is said that there are still three more;


1st: Mt. Fuji
2nd: hawk
3rd: eggplant
4th: fan
5th: cigarette
6th: blind massage practitioner Anma



photo from Wikipedia Anma

Mt. Fuji, because it is the highest in Japan.
Hawk, because it flies high up in the air.
Eggplant, because it was precious and expensive, or because the word in Japanese which means eggplant ‘nasu’ has the same pronunciation to the word ‘achieve’.
Fan, because it is festive. (Geisha dances with a fan.)
Cigarette, because the smoke rises.
Anma, because they are bold.


Why is a bold man brings you a good luck??
Being bald means without hair. The Japanese word for hair is ‘Ke’ (毛). Having no hair is ‘Ke-ga-nai.’ (毛がない) in Japanese. While, the Japanese word ‘kega’ (怪我) means an ‘injury’.

So, if you say ‘Ke-ga-nai’ means both ‘having no hair’ (毛がない) and ‘having no injury’ (怪我ない).


On the last article I wrote that Japan was the country of pun and now you know one of actual cases!!


Even if you happen to be losing your hair, there is nothing to be worried.


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