What is The Difference Between Coincidence And Consequence?

I would like to share what occurred to us a few days ago. This is all based on a true story, and I would like to know what my dearest readers think about it…


We went to Tombo-no-numa (トンボのぬま), Dragonflies’ marsh’, where we enjoyed ourselves with Insect Catching in this summer. If you still don’t know how fun the Insect Catching is, please read the article in 2 Hours Drive From Tokyo, “Mission – Insect Catching“.

It was a last-minute decision to go there to say thank you and good-bye to the insects, frogs and the trees after a meeting that finished around three o’clock in Tokyo. We knew that we would not have much time in daylight because recently the sun sets around six.

We took Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, a 14km long bridge–tunnel across Tokyo Bay which connects Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture and Kisarazu in Chiba prefecture. As we kept on going on the pay road, new Ken-o-do that runs across Chiba prefecture, we reached around five even though we stopped on the way at one Michi-no-Eki, literally meaning “road station” where fresh veggies and local food are available at reasonable prices.

We enjoyed a beautiful evening with the sun that had already started to set, feeling the foot steps of the night. Insects who love daylight had already gone home and we only found very few dragonflies, but many spiders which were waiting for careless insects in the center of their nets. We heard no min-min zemi but some Tsukutsuku-boshi and Higurashi singing and a few bullfrogs mooning.


Photo by Navis Argenti
A Joro-gumo / 女郎蜘蛛, literally meaning “a spider of prostitute”
Photo by Navis Argenti


Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti


Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti


Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti


In this Tonbo-no-Numa, Dragonflies’ Marsh, there is a very big Japanese maple tree that we love. We call it “a master-tree”, with our respect as if it were the guardian spirit of this marsh. We always think over the history that trees were witnessing when we find big trees. Trees are not able to move. They are destined to stay for centuries without any permission to move even one inch… They live their lives giving animals and insects which gather their leaves, nectar, and fruits for food and their branches and the trunk for houses.


Photo by Navis Argenti


Around six, when the darkness started to cover the marsh, we decided to go back to the car. At the very moment, I felt as if I’d had one step inside the hell. I noticed that I’d lost the car key somewhere….

What we had in our hands were only a camera and an insect catching net. No phones or no money. No search light, of course….

We went back to the “plains” area as we thought it would have made a sound if I had dropped the key on the wooden bridge over a marsh… Quite a big space in the dark… who could have a hope in this situation???


Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti


I felt so awful and miserable with a mistake that I made… Why wasn’t I so careful enough??? I just put the key in a pocket of my pants and I’d never thought a risk of dropping off… I was not wearing jeans yesterday. I was wearing pants which had smaller pockets than ones of jeans…

For nearly one hour we searched for the key. I wanted to cry and I strongly regretted and blamed myself how foolish I was not to bring a phone with me at least. I started to think what I should do to ask for a help in order to avoid the worst of the worst, which might be “spending a night outside”.

I would stop any car or any bicycle passing by. I would have to be so careful not to be hit, though…. I would ask someone to call a police or I would ask someone to use his/her phone and ask for a help to a friend of mine who produces cheese in Isumi…. I was almost panicked. So terrible… I had an important meeting that I cannot miss in the next morning…

On the other hand, the other author of 2 Hours Drive From Tokyo, my partner, had not given up… She said we should go back to the place where there was our maple tree. She stood very close to the tree and touched it as if she had been talking to the tree…

Photo by Navis Argenti (*Photo was taken on the following day with the intention of reproduction of the scene!)
Photo by Navis Argenti
(*Photo was taken on the following day with the intention of reproduction of the scene and “photoshopped”!)


On the other hand, I was wandering aimlessly around the place, thinking what to do next…. At a moment when I stopped my steps…. I looked down, without any intention, and I found the key at my feet in the dark.

Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti
(*Photo was taken on the following day with the intention of reproduction of the scene and “photoshopped”!)


What do you think?


The possibility of standing at the very place where there was the key was not that high… We are thinking that the nature gave us back the love that we gave to it, insects, trees, bullfrogs, even scary spiders…..

And now I’m quite sure that we should not give up our hopes! Our hope should have some power to draw the luck and what we want!! Even when you are in a sheer darkness, the light of the half moon will help you!


Two days later, we went to Tonbo-no-Numa to say thank you and good-bye again. Then the Tonbo-no-Numa gave us another present; we found a rhinoceros beetle on a sawtooth oak tree. An old man we met in the park told us that we should have come very early in the morning to find rhinoceros. He said he found many of them in this summer. So we were had not expected to find one but we did! To tell you the truth, this was the first wild rhinoceros beetle in my life!

Photo by Navis Argenti
Kabuto-mushi / a rhinoceros beetle
Photo by Navis Argenti


I picked up a beetle with my fingers.
I picked up a beetle with my fingers for the first time in my life. I learned it was painful holding it with the thorns of its legs.
But, of course, I let it go. Photo by Navis Argenti
But, of course, I let it go.
Photo by Navis Argenti


Photo by Navis Argenti
It climbed up the tree higher and higher.
Photo by Navis Argenti


On our way back to Tokyo, We noticed that we would never be able to see this rhinoceros beetle again when we come back here in the next summer. Not only him but also dragonflies, butterflies, tiny other insects…. we will never be able to see them. Every encounter is a treasure as it happens only once in a lifetime.

Can you be so sure that you can meet your friend or beloved again?

Our summer in Tonbo-no-Numa ended with two miracles reminding us of the importance of being grateful for every encounter, “Ichi-go ichi-e”, one of the teaching of the great tea master Sen no Rikyu.


P.S. Under the sun, the key could have been found so easily!

Photo by Navis Argenti
Photo by Navis Argenti

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